City Insider: Ana-Maria Baboi, Marketing Communications Manager at Waldorf Astoria DIFC

City Insider: Ana-Maria Baboi, Marketing Communications Manager at Waldorf Astoria DIFC



FACT caught up with the Marketing Communications Manager of Waldorf Astoria DIFC to talk about all things marketing in Dubai.

Tell us about your day-to-day role and what keeps it challenging and exciting?

Besides developing strategies for the brand, you always need to be mindful and study the competition, set new goals, create interesting content and address proper target audiences. It's essential to maintain a great relationship with the media, measure and analyse data, and make sure you always support and lead your team to success. The most challenging and exciting part, I would say, is to always be innovative and remain relevant in a constantly changing market.

What do you believe hotels and restaurants have to do to stay relevant and ensure success during these unprecedented times for the industry?

I believe it is of the utmost importance to focus on quality and personalised guest experiences continuously. We need to take the time to understand the guest's needs and cater to their expectations. Keeping up with the evolving trends, creating synergy within the team, and building a multicultural environment will lead to success. 

Ana-Maria Baboi

What are some of your favourite cultural hotspots in Dubai and why?

What I enjoy the most about Dubai is the diverse multicultural environment, the futuristic architecture that blends perfectly and intertwines effortlessly within the traditional one. Featuring traditional architecture and breathtaking views of Dubai's Creek, Al Seef would be my favourite place to indulge when I need to reconnect. 

Please share with us some of your professional goals for the rest of the year.

My professional goal is to continue positioning Waldorf Astoria DIFC as a destination within Dubai's Financial District. I continue to successfully represent the brand's values, inspire and be close to the team, and to design unique experiences for all of you.