Homegrown Heroes: Khalil Tawil, founder of K Consultancy

Homegrown Heroes: Khalil Tawil, founder of K Consultancy



FACT catches up with Khalil Tawil, the founder of bespoke consultancy firm, K Consultancy, to discuss his unique approach to hospitality.

Please could you tell us a little bit about K Consultancy?

We are a boutique consultancy that provides solutions from "K to Z" (as we like to put it) and adds a personal touch to everything. We involve ourselves in all details, whether on a media, marketing or concept design level and go above and beyond. From conceptualization to creation, awareness and exposure or experience and success, we are very hands-on. We take on challenges to find opportunities and solutions so every brand and concept can grow and shine. We aim to create lasting impressions and relationships that resonate long after the project is complete. To simplify it, we walk into an empty space and talk with the owners. Sometimes they might have a vision, sometimes they don't, and in most cases, in one day, we have come up with a name and the next day, a logo is born. The name is on its way to being registered, social media handles are created, and a beautiful presentation is in the works. It's all about the vision and creation. 

What was it that sparked the move from working in-house to starting your own boutique agency?

It was actually Covid that caused me to make that move. The way many people dealt with Covid, from business owners to individuals, made me realize that there was an opportunity in the middle of a global pandemic. I had a lot of time to sit with myself and think, evaluate the past few years, my growth, my career, my vision and if I was aligned with where I wanted to go and who I wanted to be. I realized that all the energy and passion I have could be poured into something else to make it flourish, but with my name on it. I didn't have to be limited to just the brands I was working with but could choose who I wanted to work with, decide on a vision myself, create more, do more of what I already love to do. And here we are. 

It was a brave move to start a business during a global pandemic. So why did you decide 2020 was the time to start K Consultancy? 

2020 was the year that everyone re-evaluated their priorities, life, career, personal decisions and path. It was the year when I could plan properly and didn't want to waste more time bringing this dream to life and opening my own agency. So I poured all my expertise and what I do best into a dream.

Please could you tell us about some of the hospitality brands you look after? 

Let's talk about the current new clients. We have the beautiful Carna and S Bar at SLS Hotel & Residences Dubai. The Theater, Seven Sisters, Asil Rixos, Antika Dubai, Antika Qatar, Qwell Arabia collagen water, bO18. Dxb, Sky2.0, February 30, El Borno medical clinic in Jumeirah, and Hola Rooftop in Meydan hotel, to name a few…

K Consultancy embodies luxury. Could you please tell us about the collagen water you look after? 

It might be true that I am most recognized for catering to the luxury side of F&B, but I initially come from a luxury background with an MBA from Paris in Marketing Management of Luxury goods. With K Consultancy, I wanted to progress slowly but surely towards the beauty and fashion sectors as well. Qwell Arabia collagen water is almost groundbreaking in the health, beauty and fitness sectors, making so much progress with wonderful results depending upon your need, whether from a beauty, fitness or health aspect. 

What is it that inspired you to start K Consultancy? 

My passion for my work and the need that I constantly noticed in the industry wasn't being met. K Consultancy provides 360-degree services inclusive of Marketing, PR, Strategy, Branding, Events, Social Media, Influencer and Celebrity Management. The aim behind unifying them together under one umbrella is to maintain consistency in our direction and respect each brand's DNA.

K Consultancy offers a 360-degree approach. From PR and marketing to branding, concept development and social media. Which of these elements is your favourite to work on? 

They all complete each other. However, creating a brand from scratch and then planning its Marketing and PR strategy is what I like and enjoy the most. There is so much pride in seeing your concept come to life. 

What would you say sets K Consultancy apart from your competitors in the marketplace? 

Other than the fact that we deliver? And on time? And provide results? Our 360 approach and the creativity in treating each brand differently and being out of the box and offering attention to details. Plus, our team. Each member brings so much knowledge, ideas and life to each concept, each meeting and each client that collectively, we are quite a force. There is a massive positive approach to everything we do, and we really enjoy what we do. And when you enjoy what you do, it sets you apart because you approach each brand like it is your own, and not just a to-do list to accomplish for a payment in return. 

Please tell us about your day-to-day role and what keeps it challenging and exciting?

The daily meetings, challenges, seeing things come together. Whether I am jumping from one zoom call to the next or one meeting to the next. My team meetings, the continuous communication and calls we have during the day. It is quite hectic and fast-paced but I love it. Everything about it is exciting, even in the middle of some chaos. I also ensure to be present when we invite people to any venues we handle. After all, it's a networking world.

Any exciting upcoming clients you can share with us? 

Oh, lots! Some I still cannot disclose but I can tell you that they are super exciting. But we have several new concepts such as Lucia's, an authentic Italian concept, Café Beirut (Kahwit Beirut) taking place in the old iconic venue of More café on SZR. Le Rose, a stunning French concept and February 30, a beautiful beach restaurant at the Palm. I can't tell you everything. It removes the element of surprise. 

We know you're currently working on a lot of new openings in Dubai. So what should we be excited about in the coming months? 

The Theater at the Fairmont Dubai is going to be an unforgettable experience. During this permanent extravaganza, you will feel love, freedom and truth, all orchestrated by the Maestro and the Artistic director Guy Manoukian. The Hola rooftop at The Meydan Hotel is a Spanish experience created around the three islands of Ibiza, Mallorca and Formentera. You will feel you have stepped onto the islands for a beautiful experience without having left Dubai. We've also brought one of Beirut's most iconic nightclubs, bO18.dxb. Initially, a bomb shelter in Beirut, to Dubai and are keeping the legacy alive. And there's Lucia's, the authentic Italian experience built around generations of love and the passing down of recipes and traditions to create memories.

Could you please share with us some of your professional goals for the year? 

Help more brands shine, create more brands, grow the company and team, and expand our departments within Dubai and the company across the GCC. It is exciting already and the days to come will surely be exciting as well.