YAVA – the newest addition to Wasl 51’s dining portfolio

YAVA – the newest addition to Wasl 51’s dining portfolio



Miss travelling? Inspired by the cuisines of 21 Mediterranean countries, YAVA features dishes that make you feel like you are vacationing. 

Named after the port city of Yafa, newly launched YAVA brings the culinary delights of the Mediterranean coast to Dubai in the popular dining destination of Wasl 51.

The menu celebrates the shared history of 21 countries nestled by the Mediterranean Sea and seamlessly fuses their distinct culinary influences in its selection of mezze, pasta, fatayer, signature mains and desserts. 

Anyone dreaming of a coastal holiday is also dreaming of an irresistible breakfast spread, and YAVA gets this right. Start your day at this stunning venue with a breakfast platter featuring favourites like honeycomb with cream, orange jam tahini with grape molasses, mixed cheese, cold cuts, grilled soujuk, eggs and a Mediterranean bagel – all for AED 120. 

YAVA Wasl 51

An authentic Mediterranean dining experience includes a table full of dishes to share with family and friends, which is a great way to get a taste of the cuisine – because we know you will want to order it all. 

The chestnut and oyster mushrooms truffle soup served with gnocchis makes for a great starter. A highlight on the YAVA menu is the lobster ricotta, drizzled with lemon olive sauce, truffle oil and honey.

YAVA Wasl 51

As if the starters aren’t reason enough to visit, they also have a wonderful lamb shanks dish cooked with creamy sun-dried tomato orzo that you will not want to miss. 

Another winning dish worth trying on your visit is the homemade chicken meatballs served with lemon butter orzo, feta cream and sun-dried tomato sauce. (Insert chef’s kiss emoji).

YAVA Wasl 51

As a nod to the oranges of Yafa, claimed to be the best in the world, Yava has a lovely orange tree at the entrance, welcoming its guests to a setting that transports you to the simple and romantic aesthetics of a Mediterranean home. 

The interiors echo the colours of a Mediterranean coast, with white sand-inspired walls, sky-blue and terracotta seating, azure décor elements and peppered with mosaic tile designs. In short, it is Instagram-friendly #DecorGoals all the way. 

YAVA Wasl 51

Located in Block A of Wasl 51, YAVA is open daily from 8am until 11pm on weekdays and from 9am until midnight on weekends. 

GO: Call (0)4 548 5733 or follow @yavadubai on Instagram for reservations and more information.