Milan’s Spontini Pizza is coming to Saudi Arabia 

Milan’s Spontini Pizza is coming to Saudi Arabia 



Grab a slice of this Italian restaurant's popular pizzas.

If the sound of pizza gets your stomach rumbling, we have some delicious news. The Italian restaurant, Spontini Pizza, is making its way from Milan to Saudi Arabia. The casual restaurant chain can be found across the country, and is now debuting in the Kingdom.

Spontini Pizza is a family-run business and dates back to 1953. The family transformed their original restaurant Cibi Cotti to Spontini, and sold pizzas by the slice. The first restaurant opened off of Corso Buenos Aires, and gained a reputation for their food. The recipes for success were created – so much so, that the recipe for the Pizza Al Taglio has not changed over the decades. 

Today, Spontini Pizza can be found around the world. There are 28 branches in Italy, six in Korea, three in Japan and one in Qatar. The Qatar branch can be found on Pearl Island in Doha. Now, the brand is expanding to Saudi Arabia, but the exact location has not yet been confirmed. 

If the previous projects by Spontini Pizza are anything to go by, Saudi Arabia is in for a tasty treat. The menu includes budget dishes, which can be enjoyed in a relaxed setting. The set-up is fitting, as the name itself translates to friendly and unpretentious. 

Spontini Pizza’s menus around the world include classic Italian pizzas: Margherita, Mushrooms and Vegan Mediterranean. Plus, the dishes include Lasagna Bolognese, Lasagne with Pesto, Profiteroles and Tiramisu. 

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