Experience a bygone era at Olivier café in Riyadh

Experience a bygone era at Olivier café in Riyadh



The concept combines a Bridgerton style with a modern twist.

If there's one thing Saudis adore as much as their traditional Arabic coffee, it's the thriving culture of modern coffee shops. And just when you thought the capital couldn't possibly squeeze in another cafe, along comes Olivier in Riyadh.

Tucked away in Ar Rabi, on Prince Mohammed Ibn Salman Ibn Abdalaziz Road, Olivier invites you with an ambience that’s reminiscent of the lavish settings seen in Bridgerton. If you’ve watched the hit Netflix series, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Stepping into Olivier will remind you of the very sophisticated Regency era, with its opulence and sophistication. Picture powder blue and sage green, velvety, plush seating, and brown wooden tables. The furnishings are accentuated by splashes of pink and florals. The marble flooring adds an extra layer of elegance, showcasing a blend of the past and modern chic.

Olivier doesn’t just deliver on aesthetics, its culinary offerings are equally impressive. From the Strawberry Cake to the nutty indulgence of Pecan Tart, there’s something for everyone. Other items on the menu include Mango Tart, Pistachio Cake, Spicy Cheesecake, Smores and more.

Now, no cafe experience would be complete without a stellar selection of coffees and Olivier delivers on this front, from Cappuccinos to Lattes.

So whether you're looking for a perfectly brewed cup of tea or simply seeking a taste of the past in a modern setting, Olivier in Riyadh awaits your arrival.

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