Spa Review: Swissôtel Spa Dubai

Spa Review: Swissôtel Spa Dubai



We've said it before and we'll say it again – Dubai hotels beyond the historic Creek don't get the recognition they deserve. Swissôtel Spa Dubai embodies this very notion.

The location of Swissôtel Spa and Sport may not be the first that springs to mind when looking for pampering, but from the moment you cross the threshold into the modern hotel, you'll feel a sense of authentic luxury. And that's before you ascend to the fifth-floor spa and fitness centre.

The luxurious spa with its friendly team of therapists boasts eight treatment rooms in a serene environment, culminating in one of the largest spa and wellness centres in Deira. A sleek reception desk stands in the middle, with a small retail element. There's also a pleasant waiting area with low-slung soft furnishings and an abundance of potted plants.

With the pre-treatment questionnaire complete, we make a beeline towards the facilities, which offer steam, sauna and jacuzzi options for pre or post-treatment relief. Situated down an alluring corridor punctuated by subdued lighting, the design of Swissôtel Spa and Sport makes it feel as if we are the only guests, instilling us with a privatised feeling. After soaking in a jacuzzi located on a raised wooden dais, we indulge a brief steam before relaxing on a lounger until it's time for our treatment. 

Swissôtel Spa Dubai

Our treatment for the day includes an invigorating Thai massage in one of the eight compact treatment rooms. Simple and functional, the room features a massage table, walk-in rainfall shower and a small changing area. Lit in hues of ambient orange, the sense of relaxation is immediate and once the treatment commences, we're taken on a journey of tranquillity and refreshment that leaves us feeling revitalised and ready to take on the day.

We begin with a foot scrub before moving onto a 60-minute Thai massage that employs muscle kneading and friction techniques from the therapist's hands, knees, legs and feet. We specify for the focus to be on the upper and lower back and find the firm pressure from our therapist enough to iron out the stress-induced kinks in our neck and shoulders. As we're moved into a series of stretches, some of which require us to be exceptionally limber, we can already feel our flexibility increasing. The massage technique is used as a means to improve posture and promote emotional balance.

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We also opt for the Cryo Time Freeze Facial. A 60-minute treatment using the age-defying effects of cryotherapy combined with the Anne Semonin 100% Active Serum. The facial reinforces the skin's firmness at a cellular level, culminating in a flawless skin brightening experience. While the cold was a little uncomfortable at times, the result was undeniable.

Swissôtel Spa Dubai

Whether visiting for a facial, couples massage or body scrub. A series of bespoke wellness treatments are offered by a team of expert therapists and complemented by jacuzzi, steam and sauna facilities. You'll discover the 18-meter temperature-controlled swimming pool situated amongst palm trees and lush vegetation. Keeping with the active theme, there is also a state-of-the-art gymnasium with cardiovascular equipment and free-weights, alongside a rooftop tennis court for those looking to take their exercise up a notch.

Best of all, Swissôtel Spa and Sport are currently offering the Swissôtel Spa Super 7 package, where guests can experience seven different treatments that can be combined and revisited for AED 777.

Swissôtel Spa Dubai has all the luxuries you'd expect and more! 

GO: Visit or call (0)4 293 3000 for reservations and more information.