Spa Review: K-Spa Dubai

Spa Review: K-Spa Dubai



A hip spa-salon hybrid wrapped in a cocoon of Korean cool.

In recent years the rise of Korean popular culture has become evident. From pop groups such as BTS and BLACKPINK storming the global charts with their infections pop hits, to Parasite winning the Oscar for 'best picture' at the 92nd Academy Awards. It appears that the appetite for all things South Korean is insatiable.

While the world of wellness and beauty is no stranger to innovative concepts and treatments, Dubai's only Korean spa seemed like a sensible choice for investigation when searching for something a little different to inspire our monthly wellness routine. The unassuming surrounds of the Mövenpick Hotel and Apartments Bur Dubai may not be the first place that springs to mind for such an audacious concept, but tucked away on the hotel's first floor is K-Spa Dubai.

The only five-star Korean Spa and beauty salon in Dubai makes a bold impression with its vibrant neon signage and welcoming reception area. The feel is sleek, chic and almost clinical while offering a contemporary and somewhat funky approach to the spa experience.

After a welcome drink and the completion of the required consultation forms, we're led down a narrow passageway and into the heart of the spa. With pulsating music similar to that experienced in a nightclub and neon signs emblazoned with quirky phrases such as "funk Seoul brother" and "relax your Seoul", we could easily have mistaken ourselves for being in Seoul's bustling Myeongdong district.

K Spa Dubai offers 'superstar experiences' created using years of Korean expertise and includes everything from massages and facials to micro-blading spray tans and hair removal. There is even a handy nail bar and blow bar for those looking for a truly glamorous experience.

Each of the treatment rooms is colour coded. The lavender room bathed in electric purple hues is primarily used for massages, but our two-hour K-Spa experience begins with The Korean Bath House. Entering into a warm room, we are immediately enveloped in steam for a very similar treatment to a Moroccan hammam. The room is lit in blue, enhancing the monochromatic effect of the gleaming white tiles and black grout, as music from Jhené Aiko and Drake segue through the speaker system. As fans of alternative R&B, we appreciated this alternative soundtrack that provided a nice break from the usual panpipes and ocean noises that would typically accompany a spa treatment. 

The Korean Bath ritual is all about de-stressing, cleansing and maintaining your energy. It starts with a muscle-relaxing steam bath in preparation for a black soap cleansing and loofah exfoliation to sweep away impurities. Once steamed and scrubbed, a massage is performed to nourish and rehydrate, leaving the skin silky soft.

We move into the 'red room' for the next stage of our spa journey, where the Glass Skin Facial is performed. The intricate procedure begins with a skin test and culminates in clear, poreless skin that appears almost airbrushed. There is absolutely no need for Instagram filters following a treatment like this. 

This customised cult facial uses a combination of cutting edge Korean skincare with the latest technology to provide a flawless look. The facial, which is personalised to suit each individual's skin, uses Medi-Diamond products known for their unparalleled biotechnology and nanotechnological innovation. A cleansing plant cream and foam is applied first to remove impurities and traces of dirt and clean and soothe the skin. This is followed by a spritz of geranium mist that cools and soothes the skin while stimulating the cellular renewal phase and preventing premature ageing. A chamomile mist is then applied to heal, reduce inflammation and calm and repair collagen. 

Many products are used in quick succession during the glass skin facial, but each has a specific purpose in the skincare routine and can be purchased following the treatment. These Medi-Diamond products use effectively sourced herbal plant ingredients which are in-line with the principles of traditional Asian medicine.

Next, a nano mist colloidal diamond spray essence is applied to boost the skins natural reproduction, and an eye and lip cream provides glow and intense hydration. Already feeling rather pampered, our face is soon covered in a Medi-Diamond facial sheet mask that is cool and comforting and works to replenish moisture and revive skin thanks to seven types of hyaluronic acid. 

The treatment culminates with LED light therapy which is applied through a mask that sits over the face. Red light is used to reduce inflammation, improve circulation and to provide the skin with that all-important healthy glow. This is followed by blue light therapy which targets the sebaceous (oil) glands to make them less active. In turn, promoting anti-inflammatory effects and reducing acne and breakouts. It's safe to say that this in-depth treatment is set to provide you with the ultimate 'glow up,.'

As Dubai rides the current Korean Wave a trip to K-Spa Dubai should undoubtedly be on your wellness schedule. A hip spa-salon hybrid wrapped in a cocoon of Korean cool, K-Spa Dubai is genuinely an excellent spa for its consistency and choice of treatments. The staff are professional, and you'll feel a sense of relaxation and calm as soon as you step into the unique space.

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