Supper clubs in Dubai: Chef Kuv talks Kuv's Secret Supper Club

Supper clubs in Dubai: Chef Kuv talks Kuv's Secret Supper Club



The menus offer a deep dive into different cuisines, from the Silk Road to Spain.

Chef Kuv is a third culture kid. Born in Bahrain and raised in London, he has been living in Dubai for 12 years. The architect-turned-chef runs one of the city's oldest supper clubs. He reveals: "It was founded by accident." In 2017, he launched Kuv's Secret Supper Club, which showcases different cuisines from Pakistani to Persian. With 195 menus and counting under his apron, he wants you to join him for the next one. 

What was the inspiration behind Kuv's Secret Supper Club?

In 2017, there was no history of supper clubs in Dubai. Before I launched the experience, I had created ten menus over eight months. The diners are the inspiration behind it, as there were few spaces for people to have open conversations and connect. 

Tell us about the dishes at Kuv's Secret Supper Club. 

I call it Kuvisine. I choose a theme and cuisine each month. I use local produce, so it depends on seasonality and events such as Ramadan. The Chile, Mole y Pozole is a Mexican menu touching on culturally important recipes. Winter Solstice is a festive menu inspired by the celebration of winter solstice across the globe. Azafran y Albaricoques is a Spanish menu focused on ingredients from the Silk Road. 

Share a story of something amazing that has happened at the supper club.

There are far too many stories to share. Two couples met at the singles dinner and walked down the aisle. Another two couples have been dating. The guests have included A-list celebrities, from Hollywood to Bollywood, and royal family members. 

Share a story of something funny that happened at the supper club.

In my first year, guests would pay cash on the night. I had paid for all of the ingredients. There was meant to be a table of 10, and only one guest – my friend – turned up. 

What is the experience like at Kuv's Secret Supper Club? 

Some guests book the whole tables for special occasions. Guests can see the menu beforehand. Banned questions include "where are you from?" and "what do you do for a living?' Plus, guests are asked to bring an object and tell a story, which serves as the ice breaker.

If someone is thinking about visiting a supper club, share etiquette tips.

Guests should always turn up on time. An open mind and an adventurous palate go a long way. Supper clubs are a fun and safe spaces for guests to both share and listen. Bringing a bottle is acceptable. And, it is good to remember that being welcomed into someone's home is a privilege.

What are your ambitions for the supper club? 

I look forward to sharing my new menus. 

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