B018 will open in Dubai in 2021

B018 will open in Dubai in 2021



B018 is billed as a music club, a sound ritual and a place of nocturnal survival.

B018, a new nightlife concept hailing from Beirut is scheduled to open in Dubai in early 2021. Situated on the outskirts of Dubai Marina, B018 The Sequel is the natural evolution of Lebanon’s infamous bunker, bringing an abundance of music, art and culture to Dubai’s nightlife scene.

The original venue was established in the Lebanese capital in 1998 and was named the “Berghain of Beirut” in response to its revolution of the underground music scene in Lebanon. The industrial, urban space became a place that invites everyone to let go and immerse themselves in music. As the brand expands into the UAE, B018 The Sequel pays tribute to its home in Lebanon while evolving into a new era.

Representing the yin and yang of life and the balance between darkness and light, B018 in Dubai will be formed of two contrasting spaces, the Tropical Room and the Main Room. The Tropical Room will be filled with lush vegetation, chic furniture and warm, welcoming lighting. The intention is to provide a comfortable yet exquisite space to enjoy beverages created by a team of expert mixologists alongside delectable bar food and enriching conversations.

The Main Room will provide a stark contrast to the Tropical Room, encapsulating the dark gothic energy of the original venue. With an urban aesthetic, exposed metal pipes and industrial structures, guests will be engulfed in the music and encouraged to forget about the outside world. Designed by acclaimed architects Rabih Geha, the Main Room includes the traditional moon bar and coffin-shaped tables, in keeping with the war bunker style of B018 Beirut. The venue will also feature a rooftop lighting system that will welcome the morning at the end of the night, as well as state-of-the-art sound to ensure an exquisite experience.

B018 will be a space to revel in the modern ritual that is electronic music. A space that remains unaffected, unlabeled, unpinned and promises to stay true to the music. We’ll see you on the dance floor.

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