Tasty tacos with a side of Dubai Fountain views!

Tulum is officially open on the rooftop at the Fashion Avenue inside The Dubai Mall. A new go-to spot for Mexican cravings, Tulum combines its desirable location with delicious Mexican cuisine and an atmosphere to keep you entertained.

The new Mexican concept invites guests to experience exotic flavours and learn about Mexico’s gastronomic contribution to the world and features a menu created and presented by Mexican chefs. 

The objective of the restaurant is clear, and that is to create an exciting culinary concept to delight diners with a range of traditional Mexican dishes. The menu utilises specific native ingredients such as chocolate, tomato, avocado, corn and chillies to ensure a flavoursome experience for all!

The menu is cleverly divided into distinct sections with playful descriptions, such as “the flavours of Mexico in one hand.” It includes Mexican Street Style Corn, Roasted Bone Marrow Tacos and Grilled Lobster Quesadillas. For more abundant portions, the main courses offer a range of appealing choices such as Baked Mexican Wild Caught Jumbo Shrimp, Yucatan-Style Braised Veal “Piblil” and Braised Duck Leg Carnitas.

Fusing tradition with the contemporary, Tulum has been purposefully designed as a family destination and features colourful decor and a beautiful terrace that offers one of the best views of the Dubai Fountains. The spectacle of the fountains is not the only entertainment on offer, as Tulum features an in-house Mariachi band who will serenade your table, singing Mexican classics and even a rendition of Happy Birthday if you’re celebrating. 

It wouldn’t be a Mexican meal without your favourite desserts and guests will be pleased to know that both Churros and Tres Leches are served with gleeful presentation from the friendly team. 

Spice up your life this month by visiting Tulum. We’re sure it’ll be a flavour fiesta for the entire family.

GO: Email info@tulum.ae or call (0)4 514 0135 for reservations and more information.