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What after High School?
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Globalization and Internet revolution has shrunk the world into a global village. Boundaries of the nations are only politically important now. For the trade, commerce and industry, the world has become one market place. In such times, we need to have global compatibility to survive and grow.

What After High School?

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Well… we all face a time in our lives when we ask ourselves the question: what next? One such a time and I think the very first time would be when we finish our Higher Education. As a typical child goes through school, he or she is only focused on the task at hand which is getting good grades or doing well in sports. Which Courses ?

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SAT BATCH for OCTOBER SAT EXAM recently started.

23rd JUNE to 22nd AUGUST

BATCH STARTED! JOIN SOON! You haven't missed much!

Aptitude tests to be held for High School Students.

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Our Study Abroad students share their experience with Us.

Ayesha Farheen

Hello Sir!

Thank you so much! I'm finally 18!

Everything is all well,just getting a little a bit hectic with the studies. But, I'm adjusted to it and next week I'll start looking for a job on-campus (She has a good job as of now!).

I'm starting with the basics in Chemistry as I haven't taken Math in my high school, but it's okay, cause it's making my basics strong. We will be giving our MCATs in the Spring of 2015.

And college is a lot of fun, I'm joining many clubs, including the Pre-med . . .


My experience with FACT can only be described as truly Astounding, in every sense of the word. I have known the Warm-hearted people at FACT for around two years now and they have changed my life around for glory. Sunil sir offered his Earnest aid at a time when I felt like I was thrown into the deep-end; I had no idea what I was going to do or where I was going to go. They showed me the way in a Spry fashion: first with the SAT training, then the laborious task of choosing and applying to a handful . . .