About FACT

FACT is fraternity that believes in people with passion and helps them define their future. We work with students from high school to those in tertiary educational systems to facilitate their next step in educational growth with an overview of their possible career growth curves in each of these phases. We are primarily based in Mumbai with over 6 centers in various districts. With 16 years and over 10,000 SATISFIED students behind us, we are still as enthusiastic in creating memorable careers as we were on day one. FACT Dubai marked the prime international operations of FACT which has successfully established as a sort after Educational Consultants in the region. Over the years in Dubai we have worked with a highly diverse student body varying not only regionally but also in the curriculum followed.

We believe that the best educational experiences come at even better scholarships and have worked towards delivering this in practice to our clientele over our years in this industry. The key to providing such effective services lies in identifying the strengths of the student and tailoring educational choice that plays to the students advantage both academically and economically. Further we endeavor to deliver more than just an educational pathway; we involve with the student and help him/her improve ergonomically.

Our Values

We are professionals with a personalized approach

We love our jobs and our students. This reflects the way we relate to our students. They are our extended family and we never miss an opportunity to connect with them. How often do you come across intensive training boot camps ending with Douw Cruise? Or students who celebrate their birthdays at training centers? These are our proud proofs of our commitment to our students and their belief in us.

Geography is History

We believe in growing with the world. Even before the era of social media we had taken to providing training online; an empowering and limitless world of knowledge. We has come a long way since then and still strive to perfect our methods of boundary less training.

FACT Dubai Team


Sunil Shah

Entrepreneur for life

A highly charged and outgoing person, who is a National ranked charted accountant, an ardent film maker, a licensed pilot, and the founder and CEO of the FACT enterprise. He is young at heart and works well with children. Presently heading the FACT Dubai office he counsels students and design their careers with his nearly 2 decades of expertise in this field. He loves the city of Dubai and has many more plans for this stellar city!



Shraddha Kurmi

The linguist

The One woman Army of FACT Borivali has set to redefine our Dubai operations. A person with the most infectious smile, Shraddha is a lawyer with a degree in History. She loves learning and teaching languages and has an impressive knowledge in German and Spanish. She has grown her passion for languages with FACT for the last 8 years. She is one of our most sought after Verbal Trainer for SAT and GRE. Presently Shraddha is enthusiastically taking to Arabic.


Adwait Aras

Adwait Aras

The Listener

A post graduate from UK, who has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to living and sending students abroad. Distinctly polite in nature, he presents an extrovert personality with a blend of listening skills which makes him an ideal candidate to find a solution to your query. He has completed his Masters in Management Economics and that being his forte helps students as well as parents in deciding from the available choices. He is multi-talented with interests in music and sports. One of a kind verbal trainer, who has his unique ways of training students for competitive exams like SAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL and IELTS.