Ayesha Farheen

Hello Sir!

Thank you so much! I’m finally 18!

Everything is all well,just getting a little a bit hectic with the studies. But, I’m adjusted to it and next week I’ll start looking for a job on-campus (She has a good job as of now!).

I’m starting with the basics in Chemistry as I haven’t taken Math in my high school, but it’s okay, cause it’s making my basics strong. We will be giving our MCATs in the Spring of 2015.

And college is a lot of fun, I’m joining many clubs, including the Pre-med club and I realize that I have so many opportunities to build a good profile for my Med-School application; the resources over here for students are really helpful.

Scholarships will start in November so, I shall start applying then, for now, I just have an International Student Award.

The place is beautiful, just that, the weather of Florida is kind ok.of weird! Since, I’m used to the weather in Dubai, I don’t feel much of a difference, honestly!

Thank you, for all of your support, Sunil Sir, without you it would have not been possible!

Ayesha Farheen

My experience with FACT can only be described as truly Astounding, in every sense of the word. I have known the Warm-hearted people at FACT for around two years now and they have changed my life around for glory. Sunil sir offered his Earnest aid at a time when I felt like I was thrown into the deep-end; I had no idea what I was going to do or where I was going to go. They showed me the way in a Spry fashion: first with the SAT training, then the laborious task of choosing and applying to a handful of universities, then (with extreme trepidation) actually selecting the college I will attend for the next four years or so and finally getting a visa – the stamp that will eventually grant me access into the fanciful United States of America. Their outstanding advice made sure I completed all the required tasks on time and with great finesse. With their Masterful execution, the people at FACT Dubai have helped me throughout the time that I have known them and continue to do so as I Ecstatically look forward to flying off to Mississippi State University in Fall 2014. With the final preparations underway, I’d like to say, “Thank you Fact; this experience has been incredibly AWESOME!”

“I particularly loved their pragmatic approach and their transparency in relation to all the requirements. Thank you for being with us from the beginning.” – My father

Mukunth Raghavan

I had joined FACT at the start of January and it has been an awesome journey! The FACT office is practically my second home, sitting and filling all my applications, writing my SOP, etc. if there was nothing to fill or to write, I would just come to the office to hang out with Varun, Anjali, shraddha ma’am and Sunil sir. The office is such an awesome place to be at, there were actually time when my mum would call me an tell me to come home. I honestly believe that the only reason I am going to US today is because of FACT, I had never thought it was possible until I joined FACT! FACT was pretty much the best thing that happened to me! All in all FACT in an amazing place and I will always be grateful. Thank you sooo much.

Kaustubh Deshpande